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02-Jan-2017 08:51

After nearly four years of being out of the entertainment spotlight thanks to Epstein-Barr, critics began to wonder if Cher’s acting and singing careers were over.

Reports also said that the product launches and infomercials cost Cher nearly million in fees.

Yet these crusades are not always as successful as she would wish.

When she finished the song, a video tribute played on the screens of the T-Mobile Arena, noting how the singer and actress is a Grammy, Emmy, Oscar and Golden Globe winner.

Cher then returned to sing "If I Could Turn Back Time," clad in a curly, black wig, lace cat-suit and leather jacket similar to those she wore in the record's 1989 video.

Cher sang her hit songs "Believe" and "If I Could Turn Back Time" at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

Gwen Stefani introduced the superstar, who appeared on stage wearing a long, blonde wig and silver, fringed garment over a nude body stocking, giving the illusion Cher was mostly naked.One report in 1994 by the claimed that Cher didn’t want to be a businesswoman who does infomercials anymore, but she also wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue to be “Cher,” a “symbol of blazing sensuality and success.” Treatment for the virus had reportedly caused Cher to gain weight and suffer from depression.