Is deb gotti dating

12-May-2016 12:26

SIZE: 7,299 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: As far as we know, the celebrity property gossips at were the first to catch wind that Victoria Gotti has her estate in the historically blue-blooded Long Island village of Old Westbury, N.

Y., back up for sale on the open market with an asking price of .688 million.

Aisha didn’t speak to me during my first interview with Ja Rule in Jersey.

Aisha moved her legs so I could climb over her and then she scooted back close to the door, her head turned away.

When asked about her ex-boyfriend, Nelly, Ashanti reveals that they are on hiatus. A lot of things went public more than other things have gone public, you know what I’m saying? “I feel like Irv kinda paints a picture of what happened with me and Murder Inc. I hear him talk about, ‘Oh, she’s disloyal,’ and, ‘Oh, she didn’t throw up the M’s,’ ‘Oh, she didn’t do this and that’ and I feel like it’s time to kinda set the record straight on what it really is… You know anybody with any sense of logic could see that I rode out.