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It is this link that has given him such an affinity with the country, the love of Guinness and also helped him produce a pitch perfect Irish accent.

He has also appeared in The Skulls II, American Psycho 2 and Just Friends.

Additionally, Dunne appeared in the made-for-television films Jewel, Au Pair II, Roughing It, Species III and Code Breakers.

Dunne also portrayed Robin Hood in the television film Beyond Sherwood Forest, directed by Peter De Luise, starring alongside Erica Durance.

Beginning in 2007, Dunne co-starred with Amanda Tapping in the science fiction/fantasy series Sanctuary which premiered as a series of eight webisodes before being commissioned as a conventional TV series by Syfy in the U. The series was broadcast on many international free-to-air and cable networks.This reference work presented an alphabetically list of cities, towns, rivers, mountains and other locations together with descriptions.

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