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2 June 1960 1 Milwaukie students return from Democracy Tour 30 June 1960 8 Cascade College to move, No sought 28 July 1960 1 Governor backs Education Board on Gladstone Row 1 Classrooms filled to capacity with students 8 Sept 1960 1 Gladstone cannot pull out of High District 15 Sept 1960 1 Oak Grove School Board to revise Teacher"s Duties 3 Cascade College Board announces plan to relocate 1 Increased tax costs, quality of educ. 1960 1 Gladstone votes to secede 1 Two local schools in legal tangle 1 'Lights on For Education' programs scheduled 1 Federal $$$ released for third High School 1 School Budgets reveal more growth expected 30 March 1961 1 Contests appear in school races 6 April 1961 1 'Ungraded Primary' system plan for Milwaukie elem.These changes can be positive or negative, expected or unexpected."I believe all change happens within the context of relationships. I strive to create a space that is safe, trusting and collaborative."I specialize in interventions, so my ideal client is the family member or friend of an addict.

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With intervention, I use both the Johnson model and the ARISE model. 1 Review poll stands 9-1 against sale of school 1 Junior high sale rejected; Board hires architects 1 1,650,000 bond issue sought by school board 7 Sept 1961 1 record North Clackamas school enrollment seen 14 Sept 1961 1 Schools oked 859-473 1 Meeting shows support for Community College 1 Five schools mull re-organization 1 Students given Fitness Awards at Dale Ickes 15 Clackamas College bid heard 1 New High School bids slated for February 1 hearing slated Tuesday on proposed boundaries for CCC 1 School consolidation would mean better education 1 Television used for class work 8 March 1962 15 Huge costs revealed to proponents of unified schools 15 March 1962 1 2 nominated for Milwaukie positions on CCC board 12 April 1962 1 Milwaukie grade school board seeks division...