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Categories include cheating, marriage, trust and forgiveness, feelings, and others.

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The Opium Wars were largely result of the efforts of the British East India Company trying to correct its trade imbalance through getting the Chinese addicted to opium from India.

Like today, this MNC had a huge deficit with China, there was a high demand for Chinese goods, silks, porcelain, and tea.

Fake profiles would say they are near, like 5000 klms away, I'd give my contact details & the site would remove...

Latest Review: The dating site is fraudulent and full of scammers.

The only way to contact them if u have a problem is through the website ( which is now not possible).

Latest Review: All you need for this site is a valid email address, whats stopping someone from making multiple profiles with different email addresses, Answer... Latest Review: [details removed] sent me naked pics of another member [details removed], why?? I contacted member support in 11 January who advised they are looking into. Latest Review: Post separation I went on a dating site binge. So unless you are extremely active with your swiping, you'll constantly have notifications that...

Wasn't going to try Oasis as I had used it years ago but I did anyway. Latest Review: I can only repeat what others have said. Although, there is no way to turn 'meet me' off.

Latest Review: Red Hot Pie is a total waste of time, I saw the ad on Facebook and thought why not.

Joined though Facebook, not knowing what to expect never been on their site before. Latest Review: This site is the Most Fake I've ever encountered, I thought I would try it out.The British East India Company established a post in Canton (Guangzhou) in 1711.