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And during their breakup he sided with Ian, clearly showing his support of them breaking up. Sad a dude in his late 20's got involved in such a young relationship. How could Brian have had any influence on Chian breaking up.Sure Ian may have picked up a few ideas from him (Brian being scum in the dating area) and as we all know miss batoon had a play in Chian's break up. I agree 100% with the last 2 confessions, or at least I get the same impression. They have their own stars, their own rules, and their own community.What's interesting is their lack of merging with the entertainment industry as a whole.We sat down with the extraordinary artist to talk dance, singing, and what's next for him.

Brian was definitely riding the Puswood bromance at the time and getting Ian into partying/drinking/clubbing, which Chachi obvi can't do due to her age.Later on he joined the Mos Wanted Crew, with which he won over the crowd on the TV Show Americas Best Dance Crew.In 2014 he won the title of “Male choreographer of the year” by World of Dance and proved once again why he is one of hottest choreographers on the scene.However, fans pointed out that he was credited on the show and You Tube After he deleted his most recent tweet, he tweeted again, "miss you guys. But what left some fans in confusion was his previous tweet from October 3rd that showed a different attitude towards their use of his choreography, saying that it was "pretty cool" and "my boys killed it". Why didn't they wrote any article about Brian Puspos flew all the way to Korea to teach i KON for their debut?! IF they found out that you guys used there song for profit or for some survival show. @blahblahblah222 so you're saying that mix n match didn't pay royalties to original artist?

If you remember, this isn't the first time that Team B, now known as i KON, and their agency YG Entertainment have been criticized for the use of choreography without permission. If it's true, don't put a blame on the contestant of the show a.k.a i KON.

He won the World of Dance Youth Choreographer of the Year award.